Home Automation Update: I Chose Savant!

I have been trying to outfit my house with the coolest home automation system and i think i found... the one!

courtesy savant.com

The search!

For a while now, I’ve been obsessed with the home automation space. It’s this new and evolving area and honestly, it’s got me really excited for what’s to come. It’s actually the most excited I’ve been in a while when to comes to new tech I look forward to. Home automation simply is tech incorporated into your house to provide you with a higher level of security, comfort, accessibility and ease. For example, you can buy a smart door lock to unlock and lock your door from anywhere, or a smart thermostat which creates a schedule around patterns of when you enter and leave your home. In other words, it’s makes your life easier and it looks really cool while doing it. It’s that sort of thing when everything comes together and you get so used to it, that you tend to wonder how life was like without this stuff.

I have been researching the crap out all the different companies and multiple pieces of hardware you can get and there seems to be a singular issue that keeps popping up. Say you want a really good door lock and you buy this lock from company A, and you also want to buy a thermostat, but company A doesn’t make the one you like, so you pick one up from company B. The issue now becomes if you want to control the 2 items you need to do it on 2 separate apps and this becomes very annoying very quickly.

There are companies out there working to solve this issue, like Apple and Google, by giving you access to compatible devices in one app, but it’s not that great yet and it takes a lot of finesse to get it right. Not to mention, some safety issues that can pop up with Apple or Google connecting into your house. However, I think I found a really good solution to ease my headaches with home automation and truly create a great experience. Enter Savant.

courtesy savant.com

What is Savant?

Savant is a home automation platform that pretty much can take over any aspect of your house. The coolest part is that it can integrate with devices that you may already own and you can expand almost endlessly with more third-party products or with the hardware Savant makes. Savant can control everything from lighting to your TV and that’s the type of system that I’m looking for. One app/controller that can control pretty much everything in my house. If you’re in a position where you just want a few items controlled by the Savant system, you can opt to get the Savant hub which can control things like your lighting, climate, shades and TV equipment. But if you want the fully Monty, you can go with the Savant Pro.

This type of system is next level home automation. It can control everything from whole home audio with speakers in multiple rooms, multiple zones of automated shades, various entertainment equipment throughout the home (say home theater, family room and bedrooms’ TV, lighting throughout the house, climate and security integrations, like door locks and thermostats, voice assistant integrations, multiple moods and schedules to customize your experience and the list goes on). It’s a rock star system powered by a small computer that acts as the brain and central server for all the user interactions in your home. It's kind of epic.

The user interface of the system is also very intuitive as you can interact with your whole home through an iPad, android tablet app or Savant’s own touch screen systems. You can mount multiple screens around your home or if you prefer to keep the screen count low, you can keep it simple and walk around the house with your tablet and the app. The choice is yours. The simplicity of the user interface and the compatibility with various products is the key reason I am attracted to Savant.

How I put my system together

So now that we have discussed why Savant is so cool, I wanted to give you a brief tour of how I want to set up Savant in my home and what all I want it to operate. First though, let’s talk zones. I have 9 zones in my home, the front yard, the backyard, the kitchen, the family room, master bedroom, game room, media room, study and lastly entry way. Each room has some sort of interaction. I can control all the shades in the home and all the lighting in the home with Savant through a Lutron hub with switches I have installed in the whole home. The master bedroom, family room and media room all have TVs with their respective equipment, including audio from many different brands. The game room and kitchen (aside from the lights) only have speakers in the ceilings, which are fed though Sonos Amps. I have 2 thermostats for each floor, both are Nest thermostats. 5 Google Minis are located throughout the home so I can scream a voice command from any corner of the house, and lastly, 3 Yale door locks for all the major entrances. Savant Pro comes in and ties all this equipment together.

courtesy savant.com

The installers individually configure each item into the computer to make sure every piece of equipment is added and is fully functional, so I can access any function or scene in any room with the 4 wall mounted screens I have around the house and 1 iPad with the Savant App installed. I can click on a specific scene such as “Rise and Shine” and the shades lift in my master bedroom, the TV turns on and flips to CNN, my table lamps slowly dim on to 100%, the thermostat is adjusted to my wake-up temperature settings, and my wake-up playlist starts playing through my Sonos soundbar. It’s pretty incredible stuff. Pretty soon it’ll be able to start my shower and get the water temperature set, and transfer my music from the Sonos sound bar in my master bedroom to the ceiling speakers in my bathroom. I am really stoked for that. This is the type of smart home I can get used to.

Final thoughts

Home automation is really the next frontier for the tech industry. But for now, the reason I am attracted to it, is the level of comfort and ease it provides me and the simplicity I desire throughout a thoroughly integrated home. There also a level of safety knowing I can quickly and easily access any part of my home even when I am far away. To me, this is a level of “peace of mind” that I can’t put a price on. This type of system is not for everyone, but if you were to incorporate it into your home it could pay off as it has to potential to increase the value of your home.

All in all, I’m happy there is a reliable and trusted system I can rely on to level up my home on many fronts, and most of all I’m happy I didn’t rely on trying to piece things together to try to create a copycat type system. Not only would it require a ton of effort on my part to see what hardware was compatible with which software, and then figuring out how to get it all to work together, it also wouldn’t work nearly as well or have been as easy to use as Savant’s system. So, for all of you out there looking for the best in home automation right now, I would definitely say put Savant at the top of your list.