Why I Don't Own A Smart Watch

I admit smart watches are neat and can do a lot of interesting things. But here's why I will never own one.

The Smart Watch Today

Smart watches are all over the place now. Almost everywhere I go, I will see someone using it to either count their steps, to pay for a coffee, or to take a phone call. That last one is a little weird to see in person and takes some getting used to. Smart watches seem to be a pretty versatile and convenient tool for a lot of people and the Apple Watch is by far the most worn I have seen in a while. Even though Pebble (arguably) created the first “modern” connected smart watch, with Samsung popularizing it and making it mainstream, Apple pretty much took the recipe and perfected It, making it the horological standard that it Is today. There was even a time period, not too long ago, where the tech pundits all thought the smart watch would soon be dead and a thing of the past, but the opposite happened. Apple is now the Number ONE watch seller in terms of dollar sales! Yeah! A tech company is outselling traditional watch companies. Rolex, one of the most recognizable names in luxury watches came in second. That’s amazing. But see, I have a problem with that.

Lets Start With the Basics

While smart watch sales are on the rise and, by default, they will always get updated with more and more features, I personally don’t see the allure of any of it. Like really. Nothing appeals to me when it comes to smart watches. Why do I need to answer a phone call when my phone is literally another foot or so away from my wrist? You look so dumb answering your phone that way. I also don’t need to read every message that comes to my phone instantly, because again my phone is always near me or visible 90% of time. It’s on my desk when I work, its connected to my car when I drive and when I need to check something out, I literally just go on my phone and check it out. Why should I refer to something I can easily get on my phone on a secondary screen that displays the same things with less information at one time? I think in terms of efficiency its actually less efficient! I don’t want to connect my amazing wireless headphones to my watch as I am an audiophile and I want to listen to high quality music all the time and I definitely don’t want to control my home automated system through it because I want to be able to see more information at once before I perform an action. Lastly, you have to worry about charging it every night and if you forget one time, soon you’ll be wearing a watch around that does absolutely nothing. Now these are my gripes with it and my lifestyle does not require it at all. The only upside to it may be for fitness people, which I am not, where they can track their information in real time without having a phone nearby. But again, if these guys are anything like me, when the hell is your phone not nearby.

My Reasons

"Watches for me are more than just a piece of metal that can tell and keep time. It’s the meaning, the stature and this level of elegance you feel and understand when you put one on."

The real reason I don’t own a smart watch however is because I respect, admire and adore the complications and design of traditional watches. I mean just look at them. Some are true masterpieces in their own right and the amount of work, effort and eye for design required to make some of these time pieces simply bring a level of prestige to strapping that artwork to your wrist that a smart watch can never bring. Now I know some of these watches can go in the thousands of dollars but what I can I say confidently is that a piece of exquisite jewelry will always hold a higher place for me than something I know is going to be replaced within a year into a newer fancier model. Watches for me are more than just a piece of metal that can tell and keep time. It’s the meaning, the stature and this level of elegance you feel and understand when you put one on. Traditional watches can be passed down as heirlooms, be a gift of significance or simply be an amazing fashion accessory. The ownership structure of the watch yearns for significance. Something that cannot be said of a smart watch. No one may notice you are wearing a Patek Philippe or an IWC but you know what it means. You know this watch matters. Anyone can recognize a smart watch and not bat an eye. But conversations can be started by a traditional timepiece. While the smart watches tend to consume us within ourselves, traditional time pieces express who we are to the world. And because of the varying and seemingly endless sizes, shapes, designs, colors and complications of the watch, it aids in further separating yourself and showing who you are as an individual.

I know why I wear a traditional watch and I like the way I express myself with it on. Some may say that “hey, I get more features in a smart watch that’s worth $400 than a normal watch that’s worth over $4,000,” but my opinion is you simply don’t. People may argue further and say “I can’t afford a watch like that just to be fancy”; I say firstly the world of watches varies in price and you can get a really good watch for the price of your Apple watch, and assuming you can afford something nicer it can become an asset to add to your net worth. A smart watch will just die off at one point. At the end of it all, I know the feeling I get when I wear a real watch, the way I look with it on, the appreciation of what this machine can do and the elegance of it is an intangible asset and to me that is way more than worth it.